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Volunteer Position Descriptions

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA) Rep - Represents the swim club on the TSA board of directors. Works as the representative of the TSA at the season's dual meets. Resolves or takes to the TSA board any events of question. Sets up officials meeting before the duel meets. Receives copies of each swim teams’ rosters by age. Must carry list of opposing team's swimmers including birth dates, and TSA Rules

Starter - Furnished by the home team. Uses the commands "step up" (or "step in the water" for backstroke), "Timers and judges ready", announce the distance and stroke or relay event, 'Take your mark", press the starting device button. This position remains stationary at the starting end of the pool. Must attend TSA training.

Announcer - Does all of the announcing during the home meet including welcoming the visiting team to our pool, calling swimmers to the clerk of course, announces team scores throughout the evening, and other various announcements needed during the meet.   

Clerk of Course - Two people work together to line up swimmers in the order that they swim. You will organize the swimmers according to the event sheets and lineup prepared in advance by the coach. You will be moving about the starting end of the pool.

Runner -  (One from each team) Carries paperwork to and from swim meet officials. Travels between judges, timers, and scorers. The runner must not allow coaches or other interested parties to view paperwork in transit. This is a mobile position (wear comfortable shoes). 

Stroke & Turn Judge - (one from each team) Observes the main event swimmers looking for disqualifying motions. This judge stands on the side of the pool. Each S&T Judge is required to attend TSA training. Fills out DQ sheets as necessary and gives to the runner. 

Order of Finish Judge – Completes event sheets by recording the order of finish for main events only.

Scorer (Meet Administrator) Sits at scorer’s table. Receives paperwork from the Runner. Responsible for entering meet information into Meet Maestro. Pass on all sheets to the Ribbon Writers. Directs Assistant Scorer position as this role is needed.

Timer – Assigned to a specific lane at the finish point of each race. Times and records all races, not just main event. 

Setup/Breakdown – Home Meets only. Before meet: Must arrive 1 hour earlier than warm-up time. Sets up backstroke flags, starting blocks, lane ropes, chairs/benches behind blocks, stanchion rope at the shallow end of the pool, extension cords as needed, concessions tent, puts up flag, moves deck furniture (chairs and loungers), sets up scoring, ribbon, and announcer tables, temporary lights, places kid pusher signs at designated tables/ areas, assists with swimmer and volunteer check in. After meet: Gets the facility back in order, collects trash, puts away lane ropes, starting blocks, backstroke flags, 6-under finish rope, furniture. 

Kid Pusher - Supervises a group of swimmers and delivers them to the Clerk of Course according to the meet lineup sheets prepared in advance by the coach showing each swimmer's events. Ensure all swimmers in your group have their swimmer number printed on the both arms (parents should do this beforehand). You will be moving about the pool deck, Can bring activities to entertain group while waiting for their swims.

Ribbon Writer – Sits at the ribbon writers table. Receives paperwork from scorer’s table. Records the swimmer's name and event on the back of each place ribbon. File the completed ribbons and DQ sheets. You do not pass these ribbons out to swimmers. The coach will do that following the meet or at the next practice. 

Heat Ribbon Distributor – gives ribbons to the swimmers after finishing their races. * Non scoring heats only (not the main events). ‘Rainbow’ ribbon given to the winner of the heat; other ribbons given to all other participants. These ribbons are primarily given to the younger swimmers only. 

Concessions – During Home Meets only. Set-up and Breakdown concession area. Sell, and make change for concession Items. Keep water coolers filled, Deliver bottles of water to volunteers. There is a Concessions Coordinator who is responsible for ordering food and snacks, arranging delivery, stocking items, getting ice and coolers, etc. 

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