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Swimmer Participation Guidelines

Swim team members must be permanent residents of Haddon Hall or children of HOA members in order to participate on the Haddon Hall Swim Team. As a parent or permanent guardian of the child, your homeowner’s dues must be current and will be verified through HRW.

Participation Guidelines 

All swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards (1 lap) and tread water for 30 seconds.This is the criteria our lifeguards use to determine if children earn their yellow bands. (If you're new to our neighborhood, all swimmers under age 18 who want to use the diving board and/or enter the deep end must demonstrate the ability to swim 1 lap, without stopping, unassisted, and then tread water in the deep end for 30 seconds. Those passing this test earn yellow bands which must be worn when using the diving board and deep end.) This policy helps our lifeguards ensure safety. Our swim team will follow this procedure and the coaches will observe your child/children's ability to swim a complete lap and tread water at the first practice of the season. If your child is unable to complete a lap and tread water, due to safety reasons, they will be unable to attend practice sessions until they can. If your child/children has already earned their yellow band, please have them wear bands to practice. Please note the rule applies to all swimmers, even 6 and unders, who only swim 15 yards of each stroke in meets. 

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