Declare your swimmer!

Good evening Hammerhead parents!

Thank you to everyone who attended tonight's ice cream social and thank you to Wendy and Matt Haugan for all their help in coordinating it!

As we talked about tonight, prior to each swim meet and by Thursday at 8pm we need each family to declare their swimmer's attendance at the meet. This basically means you need to RSVP yes or no your child will be swimming in the meet. You can do this through the app or by visiting the website. On the website visit the swim calendar, click "meet entry" and use the drop down to document attendance. Be sure to save your choice once it is made. 


We have the website set up so that you can declare for all of the meets in one sitting. I encourage you to do this. You can always change it later if you need to, but it really helps us to have this information. We are volunteers who run this swim team and it takes extra time to have to personally email those who do not declare. Plus, our coaches need this information to create the meet line up. Right now there are MANY Hammerheads who have not declared for our mock meet this Tuesday, if that's you please do so ASAP! Thank you for your cooperation. To recap: for every meet declare your swimmers attendance by Thursday at 8pm prior to the meet.

Let's go Hammies!


Jill, Christine, and Wes

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