Who wants to be a Meet Administrator?

Good evening Hammerheads!

Believe it or not, we are hard at work preparing for our 2024 swim season! We have hired coaches (I can't wait to introduce you to them!) and we have selected a new timer system for our team. Thanks to a generous sponsor, we will be purchasing a timing system to use for the 2024 swim season. As you likely know with prior seasons, these timer systems make a lot of things a lot easier. However, it will change our volunteer systems from prior years.

One way in which our volunteer needs will change, is that we will need a volunteer to serve as Meet Administrator. This role is a committee level position and would be included in the swim team leadership group. Who would be a great fit for this role? This role would be excellent for someone who is tech savvy. This person would need to be involved and on deck during all home games. If you're a leader and you're into tech, please consider this volunteer opportunity. Serving in this role would count for all service credits for the whole season- woo hoo! 

If you are interested, please email [email protected]. I look forward to receiving interest in this great opportunity to serve our neighborhood and support our kids!


Jill, Christine, and Wes (Chairpersons) 

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